Sunday, August 4, 2013

QR Codes in New Leaf

I was woefully ignorant where the subject of QR Codes was concerned when I began to play the most recent version of Animal Crossing 'New Leaf' on the 3DS.  After having played Animal Crossing for more than a decade, I instinctively knew how to succeed in most areas of the game for the most part but when Sable introduced me to her new, monstrous sewing machine I was as much at a loss as she.

I researched the subject a little after visiting a friend's village and seeing the fabulous use she had made of custom designs.  Obviously, this was linked to QR Codes.  I then discovered a site where some one had posted a number of wonderful designs:

QR Codes for New Leaf

It is here that the 3DS demonstrates its extraordinary powers.  One uses the 3D camera to record the QR Code and it instantly is transformed into a custom design that can be used for clothing, flags or pavements.  The patterns that can be made are far more sophisticated than anything I encountered in Wild World.

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